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By clicking on "I AGREE", you understand, acknowledge, and agree to the following:

All the information you provide to T&Y Education is truthful to the best of your knowledge.

  • You will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times during your job search.

  • You agree that you have never abused, sexually or otherwise, a minor or behaved in a way that a reasonable person would consider unsafe or inappropriate toward or around a minor.

  • You give full consent to T&Y to submit to prospective employers all papers and documents pertinent to your application for employment, including but not limited to, copies of resumes, transcripts, letters of recommendations, etc., none of which will not be returned to you once submitted to T&Y.

  • T&Y may contact your current/previous employers, references, and others to verify and/or obtain information about you, your work history, and your educational background.

  • In the event that T&Y finds information about your background that is determined as unsafe or not appropriate for you to work with children, T&Y will proactively share that information with any prospective employer to which it has discussed your candidacy.

  • Potential employers to which T&Y sends your information may require that you submit a background check (including criminal history information, drug/alcohol testing, and other pre-employment testing and screening.)

  • T&Y does not guarantee that it will submit your file to any schools or that you submitting your information will result in employment opportunities for you.

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