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We aim to connect the best education resources between the U.S. and China. China has been growing economically with an unparalleled speed, so has its private education with an emphasis on Western learning. Between 2010-2018, there has been an average of 50 new international and/or bilingual schools per year!


However, with this exciting development comes the resource shortage. That's where we step in to bridge the gap. We hire international teachers (and teachers-want-to-be) for all subjects who are inspired to venture abroad, willing to bring their knowledge and experience to China. With T&Y, teachers land their dream jobs in China's most prestigious international and bilingual schools. The experience is unique: you get to co-teach with an English speaking Chinese teacher, learn from each other and support each other. It is rewarding, not only financially but also in terms of career advancement. 


In addition, we host teacher training workshops on edtech and design thinking, concepts that are gaining popularity among Chinese educators. It's easy to read and get informed about innovative pedagogies, but hands-on training is the key to transform theory into practice successfully in classrooms.


Alumni of Stanford's GSE, our founders worked in the fields of edtech, bilingual/immersion education in both China and the U.S., thus have established the company on the basis of cultural understanding and best practices.


If you're talented and looking for a teaching job in China, contact us here:
If you're looking for talents, contact us here:

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