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Reputable schools want to attract the best teachers and one way to achieve this is to offer them a decent quality of life. In China, you often get equal or very competitive pay compared to what you get in your home country, in addition to an appealing benefit package which usually includes housing allowance, transportation allowance, tuition discounts and more. Whether you are looking to save money for your family, or increase your travel fund, teaching in China is one of the most rewarding experience you would ever get.


Great Pay

Whether you are an experienced teacher looking for a change of work scenarios, or a rookie teacher looking for a short-term placement, teaching in China is certainly a boost to your resume. It‘s a great PD opportunity to have the knowledge of working in a bilingual/immersion environment, the training of classroom management with diverse student population, and the environment to learn from teachers from all around the world and build up best practices in teaching. You would be MORE THAN just an ESL teacher, as you own your classroom and are one of the key homeroom teachers co-teaching with your Chinese partner. 

A Career Boost


The Support

International teachers in China are well taken care of due to high demand on qualified professionals. Your feelings and opinions matter because most schools would like you to stay for as many contract terms as you can. Thus, schools arrange plenty professional development opportunities to make sure you get the proper training you desire. On a personal level, almost all schools have a team of qualified HR staff to look after you from apartment hunting to everyday errands and chores. Many teachers claim they get the support they never would as a teaching professional in their home countries.


Lifestyle Options

It’s truly a teacher’s market. Whether you are looking for bustling metropolitan cities or close-knit communities in smaller-size towns, whether you opt for coastal areas or inland cities with drier weathers, weather you prefer a place with vibrant expat communities or embark on an adventure of culture on your own, you find them all in China, a country of diversity, geographically, ethnically and culturally. International education has become such a trend in China that new bilingual schools are popping up everywhere in China. Location is no longer a constraint to your job options.

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The Culture

Come see the Chinese culture for yourself. It’s where modern meets tradition, and West meets the new East. Explore the little gems of cafes and restaurants in the renowned Hutongs in Beijing or the French concession in Shanghai. Enjoy a Chinese homemade meal around the street corner, or indulge yourself in authentic international in an upscale shopping center. Get lost in time wandering through historical sites, or take advantage of high technology that allows you to get food, household services and all with one click on your phone. Chinese culture is now a hybrid of all things you can imagine.

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