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Nothing facilitates language learning better than a cultural excursion in the country of its origin. Register your child for an unforgettable summer immersion experience in China, with curriculum and itinerary designed by a team of education experts lead by the 2016 Hugo Award winner Hao Jingfang. 

This summer, T&Y is excited to work with Tongxing School, a prominent education institute in China that focuses on whole-person education, to bring to you and your child a unique experience of Chinese language and cultural learning. 

Founded by Hao Jingfang, the 2016 Hugo Award winner, along with a few other entrepreneurs from Tsinghua and Peking university, Tongxing school endeavors to enrich children’s knowledge beyond school, broaden their world views, and to enhance their critical thinking skills. With its slogan “self discovery and world exploration,” it was reported by the People’s Daily as “the future education in the age of artificial intelligence”. 


Download the full program here for a detailed itinerary and registration requirements.

To register: 


Phone: 650-314-9312

Wechat ID: tnyassistant

The Legend of Xi'an

The Xi'an History and Culture Camp

Date: 8/11-8/17

Cost: $1899 / child


Walk the path of emperor Qin Shihuang and immerse yourself in the history and culture of ancient china.

The Terracotta Warriors, the EPang Palace, the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor: nowhere represents the past glory of China as much as the historical city of Xi’an. Allow your children to embark on a journey in world-recognized museums and historical sites, listening to the on-site archaeologists explain the unsolved mysteries, working in groups with the local students for some thought-provoking discussions. Nothing better sparks the interest of learning another language and culture than a deep immersion into the country's stories and legends.


Must be age 9-13, minimum 3 years immersion or 4 years Chinese learning as a world language.

Alice in Wonderland

Jilin Songhua Lake Drama Camp

Date: 8/4-8/13​

Cost: $2599 / child


What facilitates language learning better than intuitive expression and contextual communication in plays?


Join our experienced children’s drama experts for an immersive Chinese language and cultural trip to a fairytale scene located in the beautiful Songhua Lake area in northeast China. Children are led out of a traditional classroom and ushered into nature. There, they would write their own scripts, design their favorite props, and put on a brilliant production where imagination and creativity are unbound.

Must be age 7-12, minimum 2 years immersion or 3 years Chinese learning as a world language.

A Trip to the Past

Fujian Peitian Village Design Camp

Date: 8/2-8/11

Cost: $2599 / child


Immerse in the Chinese culture in a 600-year old Hakka village in southeast China where time sits still!


Here, children not only learn a unique aspect of Chinese tradition through its one-of-a-kind architectural design, cultural practices, they learn to empathize with it through learning its origin, hearing its timeless stories, interacting with the villagers and ultimately designing their dream playground for the local children that would signifies both modernity - what they are used to, and tradition - what fascinates them the most from the cultural exchange.

Must be age 7-12, minimum 2 years immersion or 3 years Chinese learning as a world language.

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